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List of firms in Silame Local Govt. of Sokoto State

Companies in Silame Local Government Sokoto State

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Firms/Companies from other Local Govt. Area in Sokoto State

Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd

Category: Transport

Address: 41, Vibers Road, Sokoto, Sokoto State Nigeria, Sokoto North L.G.A

Amiliya Trading And Construction Company Limited

Category: Civil Engineering, Construction Companies

Address: 1, Zurmi Road, Wamako, Sokoto, Nigeria , Wamako L.G.A

Nigerian Television Authority (Sokoto)

Category: Television Stations

Address: Garba Muhammed Road, Sokoto, Sokoto State Nigeria, Sokoto North L.G.A

Gabani Trading Company

Category: Building Constructors, Building Materials & Equipment, Construction Companies

Address: 7, Sariki Yaki Road, Gada, Sokoto, Nigeria s , Gada L.G.A

Zenith Carex International Ltd

Category: Transport

Address: 79, Ahmadu Bello Way, Sokoto, Sokoto State Nigeria, Sokoto North L.G.A

Omoniye Football Club

Category: Sports Consultancy & Athletes Management

Address: Old Airport Offair Road, Sokoto North, Sokoto State Nigeria, Sokoto North L.G.A

Ya'rabba Bureau De Change Limited

Category: Bureau De Change

Address: No 123, Sultan Bello Road, Sokoto, Sokoto State, Sokoto North L.G.A