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List of firms in Dange-shnsi Local Govt. of Sokoto State

Kwynos Aluminum Company

Category: Real Estate Aluminium Roofing Sheets

Address: 2, Guzo Road Dombuwa Area, Dange Shuni, Sokoto, Nigeria

Firms/Companies from other Local Govt. Area in Sokoto State

Saraki Specialist Hospital

Category: Hospitals & Clinics

Address: Ali Akilu Road, Sokoto, Sokoto State Nigeria, Sokoto North L.G.A

Katuru Automobile Enterprises

Category: Car Dealers, Car Parts Sales, Car Repair Services

Address: 14 ,Kaduna Road, Sokoto South, Sokoto, Nigeria, Sokoto South L.G.A

Jibril Poultry Farm

Category: Poultry Farms, Hatcheries

Address: Jofrimarki Street, Marina, Sokoto State Nigeria, Sokoto North L.G.A

Giginya Pharmacy Company Nigeria Limited

Category: Pharmacies and Medical Supplies

Address: Aliyu Fodi Road, Sokoto, Sokoto State., Sokoto South L.G.A

B.P And Son Limited

Category: Building Constructors, Construction Companies

Address: 83, Dogo Daji Street, Dogu Daji, Sokoto North, Sokoto, Nigeria , Sokoto North L.G.A

Casinet Investment Company

Category: Electronics and Home Appliances

Address: 65, Abdullahi Fodio Road, Sokoto North, Sokoto, Nigeria , Sokoto North L.G.A

Saabmarvel Pure Water Company

Category: Metals, Packaging, Caps, Pure Water / Yoghurt Manufacture

Address: 1, Tamage Road, Gagi Sokoto, Sokoto South, Sokoto, Nigeria , Sokoto South L.G.A