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List of firms in Bogoro Local Govt. of Bauchi State

Companies in Bogoro Local Government Bauchi State

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Firms/Companies from other Local Govt. Area in Bauchi State

Al-Ameen Hospital

Category: Hospitals & Clinics

Address: Nassarawa gate, Bauchi, Bauchi State Nigeria, Bauchi L.G.A

Bauchi CFA Mirofinance Bank Limited

Category: Microfinance Banks

Address: Mohammed Adamu Hashidu House, No. 21 Abdulkadir Ahmed Road, P.M.B. 0125, Bauchi, Bauchi State., Bauchi L.G.A

Vehicle Licensing Office, Bauchi

Category: Other Federal Government Agencies

Address: BIR Office, Jos Road, Bauchi, Bauchi L.G.A

Ramadan Press Ltd

Category: Magazines and Publications

Address: Maiduguri Bye-Pass, P.O. Box 338, Bauchi, Nigeria, Bauchi L.G.A

O Niss Technical Services

Category: Business Consulting, Support Services

Address: Suite B2, Sultanate Shopping Complex, Gwallameji, Bauchi, Bauchi, Nigeria , Bauchi L.G.A

Shedinx Cost Solutions

Category: Electrical Engineering

Address: Yelwan Tudu, Inside Yelwa, Bauchi, Bauchi, Nigeria , Bauchi L.G.A

FGGC Bauchi

Category: Secondary School

Address: Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi State Nigeria, Bauchi L.G.A